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New 0.3 tubes available in our Tonbridge Salon

Using a 0.3 compliant sunbed helps to prevent burning. It is essential to avoid any form of burning when exposing your skin to UV on the sunbed or sunlight. With the new 0.3 tanning the result will be a deeper long lasting tan that is kinder to your skin.

We are committed to excellent customer care and delivering the best possible tanning environment for our customers. This is why we are committed to 0.3 tanning on our Ergoline beds. We welcome single sessions and prices vary as depending on your skin and minutes we offer you. We also sell courses for our sunbeds which stand at:

  • Unlimited for two weeks £40.00

  • Unlimited for a month £55.00

  • 60 minutes £35.00

  • 90 minutes £50.00

  • 120 minutes £65.00

  • Pay By Minute £1

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