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Top 5 way to help grow your hair

When looking into the future you may want to grow your hair or maybe you have been trying to get the perfect length for that new style you've been just dying to try out. Everyone knows the struggle. The constant want to style can cause issues too, as just a little too much heat can send you all the way back to the start. However we think that with just a few simple tips that all of this will be a problem of the past.

1.Scalp Care

When trying to grow your hair, you need to remember your basics. Scalp care should always be your number one priority. All hair starts from here so should be just as important to keep your scalp healthy as well as the ends. The correct shampoo for your hair type should always be thought about. I'm sure you don't need to be told but brushing your hair WILL stimulate growth with the correct brushes, so get brushing!

2. Avoid applying heat

Although heat can be one the easiest ways to style your own hair, its possibly one of the most damaging. The less heat, the healthier the hair and in turn the quicker it grows. If you just cant resist living your best life and won't stay away from the straighteners, remember to use a heat protector!

3.A Small Cut

Whilst it may not seem like it, a small trim will actually help with growth. Split ends are a common problem and can cause further damage if not dealt with early on. Furthermore they can give the appearance of thin and damage hair, which is something to be avoided at all costs. This is why we recommend that from every 9 weeks you pop in to have them removed which will leave your hair looking healthy. This also has the bonus of allowing for more consistent growth.

4. Try throwing in the towel

Don't you just love that fresh feeling of getting out of the shower? We sure do! What we don't love is the effect it can have on our hair. That lushus bath towel you have wrapped around your head is actually damaging your hair. Not only can that tight wrap put strain on the hair but can cause damage on the root. This is why we recommend a microfibre towel when trying to grow out your hair.

5. Time to try less shampoo

Washing your hair has become a staple of any self care routine but too much cleansing is damaging. The role of shampooing is to cleaning the unwanted dirt, oils and products that may have left residue within the hair. This however can also mean that essential oils will also be stripped from the hair which are needed for healthy growth. Most high street shampoos have too many harsh chemicals that will not only amplify that effect but will also not even cleanse fully! This is why we recommend that you give the shampoo a miss sometimes but continue to condition as normal to put all of that health back into the hair.

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